Jonathan Rach, a Pittsburgh native, is an award-winning Documentary and Feature Film writer director, who is recognized for his vision and passion for story-telling. Early on he pursued hobbies such as concert promoting and stage designs, for which he had his submitted stage designs used for such touring acts as David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails.

Jonathan started working as a filmmaker for Nine Inch Nails by writing, directing, and editing a documentary about the band entitled Closure. The film went on to sell triple platinum in video sales and began the launch of his documentary career. He has since worked on filmmaking projects with such clients including David Bowie, Marilyn MansonJanes Addiction, A Perfect Circle, Lou Reed, Les Claypool, Janet Jackson, Neil Young, Third Eye Blind, Audioslave, Lollapalooza, The Warped Tour, and Guns and Roses.  

Jonathan wrote and directed his first Feature Film debut entitled The Horror Of Barnes Folly, a comedy horror which received fourteen film festival awards. The ultra-low budget film beat out million dollar productions.

Jonathan has tackled a diversity of subjects such as a documentary on the Asian Tsunami with creative writing and directing in the genre of mocumentaries as he did with Les Claypool’s Electric Apricot working with Matt Stone from South Park. He wrote and directed The Warped Tour Documentary chronicling the nineteen-ninety’s alternative and punk rock scene and changes to the concert music world.

Jonathan currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys writing, directing, and producing. He is recognized for having an innovative way of story-telling with visuals, music, a sense of humor and a whole lot of heart.